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The modular interactive tiles combine robotic technology, modern artificial intelligence and play culture in a product that can be used in play, sports, health, rehabilitation, dance, art and learning. The intelligent software and hardware creates a unique “play” experience. To operate the game, a player will step on or press a tile once illuminated. A modular tile contains 8 lights that are each able to light up in all colors of the rainbow allowing for many different types of patterns and games. Tiles can be played by a single player or can be set up for multiple players to compete against each other. The modular interactive tiles are wireless and can be set up on the floor or a wall within a minute by simply attaching to one another like a jig-saw puzzle. The modular tiles are truly unique in allowing the user to create new shapes by building with the modular tiles – it takes just seconds to change the size or the shape of a platform of tiles. This means that changing level of games can be done simply by physically building a different shape or size of platform with the modular interactive tiles. It is as simple as putting two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle together! The modular interactive tiles were originally developed as an alternative form of physical-rehabilitation exercise. With this new technology, users were able to break away from monotonous treatment programs, and participate in an exercise that is exciting, and therefore more motivating. There exist a vast number of different tiles games and game levels for play, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sport, dance, etc. To play a specific game on the platform, the user simply sweeps one of the game cards across the game selector box. Each card has a small description of that game, the preferred platform size and shape, and for instance whether it is a music game or a non-music game. For many games, it is also possible to choose the number of players or the level of difficulty.

The modular tiles are battery powered and rechargeable. A fully charged tile can run continuously for an impressive 30 hours and takes only 3 hours to recharge – therefore, in most places, the tiles can run for a whole week before recharge is needed.

A vast number of opportunities of use exist with the modular interactive tiles with games for many different purposes. One option is to add music in order to obtain dancing games, another option is to add wireless link to a PC, where software provide documentation of use and performance of patients for doctors and therapists.


Modular Tiles Basic Set (10 tiles incl. 1 master tile, 3 games)
Modular Tiles Pro Set (20 tiles incl. 2 master tiles, Game Selector Box, 3 games)
Modular Tiles Soccer Set (25 tiles incl. 1 master, Game Selector Box, PC link, Soccer Game)
Modular Tiles Island Set (30 tiles incl. 5 master tiles, Music Game Selector Box, 3 games)
Modular Tiles Micro Set (6 tiles incl. 1 master tile, 3 games)

Physiotherapy Rehab game bundle
Brain training / Cognitive Rehab game bundle
Music game bundle
Kindergarten game bundle
School game bundle
Fitness training game bundle
Sports training game bundle
Additional games
PC documentation SW (for physiotherapists, doctors, etc)
Game selector box
Music game box
Radio communication USB
Single tile (for existing customers only)
Single master tile (for existing customers only)